Monday, January 7, 2013

Solar Tower Camp (STC)

The Solar Tower Camp, aka our hostel is actually not really bad. I didn't realize this place was known as a hostel, but I did not have extremely low expectations of hostels either. The dorm area seems to be pretty small, and it seems like there is no one here except for us, but maybe it's just because it's winter season. This place has surpassed most our expectations, especially for about $20 USD a night and $2 breakfast. The camp has beautiful scenery and gardens and open spaces, but the area it's around is very isolated from everything, and it'd be a far walk to reach anywhere remotely interesting, even a park. We have ridiculously small rooms, but we adjust well enough to them. We had a shower incident the other night: 11pm and the fire alarm goes off (and the showers are nice). Apparently the shower doors must be closed before turning on the water or the fire alarm will go off, and one of our girls may or may not have been behind the incident, but it's all good laughs now. The Solar Tower observatory was interesting. Our tour guide was very well learned in solar energy and he gave us the tour of the building, telling us all about the sun and energy. Learned a few new interesting things. Besides the sound of jackhammers working at 8 in the morning, it's a nice camp.

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